Monday, February 11, 2013

LOVE party

One thing that I really LOVE to do for valentines is throw a party.  Lets face the facts I love parties.  I love the food, games, laughter, hosting and nothing (almost nothing) makes me more happy than to hear a room full of chattering women!  

I spent the afternoon making the final touches on all my LOVE decor.  Making sure my scrabble words were still spelt right (My 5 year loves rearranging), heart garland where hung up...I couldn't get the one in the picture to stay for me and my cups where all decorated to match my LOVE theme. 

For the past 3 years I have been hosting this special event.  I just tell people to come and join the party the only rule is they have to bring a treat to share that is red, pink, white or chocolate.  I love seeing all the creativity.   This year we had everything from delicious heart shaped brownies with cream cheese frosting, sweet pink rice-krispie treats,  chocolate covered pretzels, juicy red fruit tray, a fabulous red velvet trifle,  heart shaped pretzels, red velvet cup cakes with cream cheese icing, chocolate pudding in cute little tea cups and mason jars,  salted caramel bits, mini oreo cheese cakes, toasted cream cheese and cherry bites and lets not forget the multigrain tortilla chips with cream cheese and red pepper jelly dip!  Now this rule also applies to drinks so we had sprit and cream soda! 

Once all the ladies arrived we sat in a circle to play a big group game together.  This years games we played were catch phrase and pit.   What a great way to get everyone laughing and knowing each other a little better. 

One thing I love about this group of women is they LOVE taking pictures (which is one of my favorite things) and they love having fun and being silly together.  So I made sure I had some great valentines photo booth props all ready to go in cute valentines baskets for when the camera came out. 

  I used heart garland, lips made from felt, 3D movie glasses, funky red glasses from the dollar store, mustaches,  flowers and a big funny tie.

Like other years I had my jar of LOVE coupons for the ladies to take home and give to their hubbies.  I printed those off from here

I had such a fun night I can hardly wait until next year to do it again. 


Stephanie Bryce said...

So sad I missed this! Looks like it was a great night.

Micah and Katie said...

I am also very sad you missed it!! There will always be NEXT year!! heheh

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