Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dr. Seuss decorations

The past week we have been turning our house into a Dr. Seuss world.  Dr.  Seuss's birthday is March 2nd so I thought it would be fun to decorate our house in a Seuss theme, read lots of his books and do school work based on his books.  

So welcome to our Jungle of Nool!!!  The first thing I did was find two Seuss printable's, printed them and put them into black frames and placed them on our book shelf that hangs over our cozy corner reading nook.  


On another book shelf we brought out all our Dr. Seuss books and the Truffula trees that we made last year.  

For the table the kids have a large Seuss puzzle that they made on the table and we put our plastic table cloth over it.

I thought it looked a little bland like this so I bought a bright green table cloth to put under the puzzle.  Puzzles are a great way to decorate the table.  We do one at Christmas as well and use a large plastic table cloth purchased from Fabric Ville to protect it.

Using my Cricut (Basic George) I cut out the alphabet in different colours and sizes to replace my regular banner that hangs over this window. 

Now here is a fun project we spent a whole school morning doing.  I drew out the tops and bottoms of the Truffula trees and traced them in black sharpie.  Then I let Jaelyn (in her pretty paint clothes!)  paint them up.  It didn't matter if she went outside the lines or not cause I was going to cut them out anyways. 

It was such a beautiful sunny day that they dried really quickly so we were able to paint, cut and tape them up to the walls all before lunch time. 

Purple Truffula

Here are two of our beautiful trees surrounding our kitchen table. 

These next two guys are my favorite!!  My husband is so talented he drew these fish for me.  One that is sitting in a "pot" from the cat and the hat. 

And the other is the glad fish from One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish.   I like Micah's idea to put him on top of the "pool" to look like he is jumping out. 

And that spring time banner that hung over the window is now hanging between my kitchen and living room.

Today is party day and here is what our house now looks like!  I will be writing post on how to make the "pool" which will be our photo booth back drop, the photo booth props and the post note game we have been playing. 

We sure have jumped into the Seuss theme around here.  Since we homeschool this is our class room so that is what its decorated like.  Look for more post on the fun games, snacks and books we have been reading.


Jeannette said...

Absolutely fantabulous!!!!!!!!

Mama S said...

Loving this, great job mama!

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