Thursday, February 7, 2013

Salt dough decorations

 These salt dough decorations where very easy to make.  I followed this recipe.  The kids loved helping.  

Once the decorations where all on a tray I poked a hole through the top of the hearts so we could hang them up once they were finished drying. 

We made them on a Friday so I let them sit out all weekend as well.  During this past week while Eben and I were doing school Jaelyn was painting all the hearts we had made. 

I am so impressed with her craftiness for being 2 I think she did a great job of painting all these hearts.  And she didn't even try to eat any of the paint which was GREAT! 

When she was finished painting we let them dry and then the next day she did all the backs for the hearts.  Once they were all dried we put jute through the holes and hung them outside in a tree. 

The pop of color looked beautiful out there for the hole day they survived.  I should have checked the weather and didn't realize we were getting high winds of up to 100 km/hour.  Good thing I only put a few out there and we have lots more to hang up tomorrow. 

They are staying on the tree really well.  I love looking out the window and seeing a little pop of color against the snowy ground.

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