Monday, March 4, 2013

Dr. Seuss Party Snacks

Welcome to the Jungle of Nool where we had our Dr. Seuss party!!!    

I want to share with you readers today some of the yummy snacks we enjoyed at our Seuss party.  Lets start with the drinks.  Pink Yink Ink Drink was the drink of choice at the party.  I purchased some real fruit juice and added a bit of 7 up to it.  The fun colored paper straws were purchased from the Great Canadian Dollar store.  

The Lorax was present on the snack table as well.  Aren't they the cutest things!!!  Other Lorax snacks included Brown Bar-ba-loots which were chocolate teddy grahams and we had a small jar of gum balls for truffula trees. 

For Christmas I had purchased this cute set of Alphabet cookie cutters.  I can't believe I hadn't used it yet but Seuss week seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it especially after reading the ABC book.

I made a basic sugar cookie recipe and Jaelyn helped me roll out the dough and make the letters. 

For the party I put all the cookie letters in a basket and had Seuss spelt out in front of it.  I tried to use all the books that we got our ideas from on the serving island as well. 

And now here comes the famous cat in the hat book!!!  And these treats where so tasty.  They are Oreo's dipped in white chocolate and then decorated.  The plate was also hand painted with sharpie marker and baked in the oven. 

 Here are Cat and the Hat skewers made from Strawberries and bananas. 

And we can't forget the delicious thing 1 and 2 cup cakes.  A delicious chocolate cupcake with blue cream cheese frosting. 

 The fish in the pot was joined by some more friends for the kids to snack on. 

And these little jello cups were yummy to...I LOVE Swedish fish !!

Here are the kids enjoying their snacks on place mats that one of the mama's made for each of the kids. She took 2 books The cat in the hat and hop on pop (both found at value village for 0.99) and laminated two pages together to make the place mats. 


Mama S said...

gotta say, loving all of this. Great job mama!

A.L.M. said...
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