Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Salt Dough Ornaments

This classic recipe is so easy to do and I just love how they turned out.  I used this recipe which I found on pinterest.  I did not add the cinnamon to mine this time cause I already have these awesome cinnamon ornaments made. 

When the dough was rolled out I used biscuit cutters to cut out the round shapes.  Then using my scrapbooking stamps I stamped some of them with just the plain stamps and then I used ink to stamp some of the other ones. 

To bake them I put them onto parchment paper and cooked them for the afternoon.  I would recommend if you put a design on the ornaments then put that face side down instead of face side up like I have in the picture.  I think they might turn out clearer if they are faced down.   And don't forget to use a straw to poke a hole in the top for string to go through so you can hang them. 

The inked ones stayed vibrant which I was happy about.  

We will use these as gift tags on treat bags this year along with tree ornaments. 

This morning we are doing another batch using Christmas cookie cutters and I will let the kids paint them once they are dry to give away as gifts! 

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