Tuesday, February 10, 2015

dresser drawers turned to beautiful shelves

We just recently have changed up our living room to accommodate a flat screen TV.  I think there are only a few of us people left in the world who still owned a HUGE TV and cabinet to hold it in.   We got this cabinet back in 2009 off the side of the road during spring clean up week.  After after 6 years and 1 move we finally said good bye to it.

As we were putting it out to the side of the road I remembered seeing on Pinterest how to make beautiful shelves out of cupboard doors so I rescued the 2 draws and made them into beautiful shelves.  Besides holding our TV this cabinet also held the Wii stuff so I knew I wanted 1 shelve to be a place where we could put all things Wii.  I love how it turned out !!!  We ended up hanging the controllers from the straps and placing the games laying down so that our kids could read them and see which game they wanted to play.  The other shelve holds a lamp, kleenex and a few card type games that we like to play together. 

This was a very easy project that looks so beautiful.  I am glad we got to keep a piece of this beauty in our home.  

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