Saturday, February 21, 2015

Family Restaurant

Our family restaurant theme this year for LOVE day was a bot cafe...going on a robot theme after picking up some great robot decorations at Target. 

Before we sit down for a nice meal I always like to try to get some pictures of the kids!  I think I am done thinking I can get all of them to look at me and smile :)  

 This was Lady J valentines day and then in her pretty dress for our nice supper!!!  We love fun valentines glasses :)

The best one I got of them all looking and smiling.

Eben loves taking photos with mamas camera!  I think he is doing a great job learning how to take great pictures. 

Daddy came home from work and we will all dressed and ready for our special family supper.  He is so good to us he bought Lady J and I each a beautiful rose and a funny cards. 

The table was set with our love boxes

And a special valentines surprise from mama. 

This year we were smart and took our family self photo before we dug in to our meal!!!  That way everyone looked clean and fancy.  

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