Monday, May 9, 2011


After watching the Royal wedding I really wanted to make a fascinator to wear to church on mothers day. I wasn't the only one around this neck of the woods who wanted an excuses to dress up and feel fancy on mothers day so I hosted a Fascinator girls party on Saturday afternoon.

A bunch of friends got together with some head bands, clips, flowers, feathers, beads and glue guns...mind you there was glue every wheres when we were all finished. It was so much fun crafting these. Your personality and choice of outfit really influences the final product.

Each women did such different things its hard to explain. Many of them started with some felt and began to make (glue) their creation onto the felt. Once it was how they liked it you cut the felt to size and glue it onto the head band or clip.

This one that Miss Krista made is from an old hat that she cut. You leave the top on and begin to cut around in a sprial. She then made this fun design once it was cut. To fill in the back she used black ribbon that had wire on either side.

This one is made using a mason jar lid covered in black fabric. That is what the round piece is on it. Then she glued her flower to it and attached it to a clip.
These two are also attached to clips.

And here are some us Sunday at church celebrating mother's day!! We have decided that this will be a yearly thing.

After church I had a little photo shoot!! hahaha I was trying to be very serious in this picture. Its hard not to laugh at the fashion I have going on with the fancy fascinator and a homemade necklace that Eben made for me!

So to make the little hat I simple took a mayo lid and covered it in fabric. Then I glued on my beads and tool and attached a sparkly flower (which came on the head band I bought from the dollar store). I used a head band so I glued my hat onto the head band then covered the whole back in fabric! I really love how it turned out.

Here is my we saw it and we crafted it picture. Kind of like the army women picture We can do it!! hehehe

And of course here is me in stitches cause lets be honest I am just not that serious! hahah

For more creative ideas check out I heart nap time.


Mrs. Stam said...

Love all of the pretty fascinators!!!! I made one too, loved it :-)

Lisa Grace said...

How fun! I love caps of all shapes, sizes, textures and colors -- now I might have to try my hand at this. Thanks for the inspiration!

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