Friday, July 11, 2008

Special guest

I have never had a special guest addition but after enjoying this wonderful side dish at a family BBQ I decided that I need to start giving people who create these dishes some credit.

This is a great recipe for the summer because it features as the main star new potatoes and fresh dill.

Cream Dilly Potatoes (I just made the name up)

New potatoes
1 Tbsp Margarine
1 Tbsp Flour
1 cup Cream (yes I know he used cream...cereal cream)
1 tsp mustard
pinch sugar
pinch salt
Lots of fresh Dill

Well the potatoes are boiling melt the butter in a separate pot with the flour until smooth. Add 1 cup of cereal cream or milk. Add 1 tsp of mustard and a pinch of sugar and salt (to taste). Add 1/2 bunch of dill. You can add more if you want it extra dilly. Heat sauce on medium heat until it thickens and the dill softens. If it gets too thick you can add water, milk or cream until you get the desired consistency.

When the potatoes are done pour sauce over and serve warm.

These potatoes are so delicious and will be on my meal plan for the summer!

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