Friday, July 11, 2008

What do you put in the Freezer?

Well I have lots of ways to save money but I want to dedicate my Fridays to putting up post about how I save money in the kitchen. To check out other ways to save money head on over to Biblical Womanhood.

This weeks topic...What can you freeze??

Just last week our family made a trip to the states. Its easy for us to make it over there because my folks live right on the boarder. This trip down we were smart and packed along our camping cooler and lots of freezer packs. I was determined to get some deals well I was there. Boys oh boys am I glad we did that. I got a good chart full of groceries well we were there. One of the main reasons I went over shopping was to pick up some chicken...its so expensive here that I don't usually get it. However I ended up paying only 0.99/lb for chicken thighs. I also picked up butter (0.99), cream cheese (4/$5.00), shredded cheese (0.99), and coffee cream (2/$1.00). The coffee cream had to be my most exciting purchase as we never have this specialty in our house but for 0.50/L who could resist. With all my new purchases it lead me to the internet when we got back to my parents house to find out if coffee cream was freezable since we had a long trip back home and more then one jug of course. And you know what...its totally freezable. The texture and flavor didn't change at all after being frozen. Also the cream cheese, shredded cheese and butter can also be frozen until ready to use. I love the freezer and being able to freeze many food items. This helps save on the budget as it helps us stock up when things are on sale. I have made a list of products that freeze well.

Butter milk (simple freeze in 1 cup portions that way it doesn't go to waste)
Cream Cheese
Shredded Cheese (block cheese freezes too but its hard to shredded when defrosted)
Coffee Cream
Liquid egg products
Chocolate (great after Easter, Valentines, Christmas and Halloween)
Berries (strawberries, blueberries, cranberries)
Grapes (this make great ice cubes)
Bread, buns, pita, tortillas

As a challenge for the week please let me know of products that you purchase in bulk and freeze. I would love to have a list put together of freezable products, that way we know it will keep if we buy in bulk the next time its on sale.


ahorne said...

Oh gosh - what DON'T I freeze?

I freeze meats, of course - I always stock up when there's a good sale and freeze. Often, I will prepare a marinade and put the meat in the freezer bag with the marinade, so that as the meat thaws, it also marinades (works best with beef).

I also freeze homemade tomato sauce, mashed potatoes (potatoes do fine as long as they are cooked - if not, they turn black), twice-baked potatoes, lasagna and other similar pasta casserole-type dishes.

I freeze cookie dough and baked goods (quick breads, baked & unbaked rolls). In fact, this year I decided to take my time off in the summer (I am a teacher, so I have the summer 'off'), and make lots of cookie dough ahead, and freeze it. Then, when the holidays come around and I want to bake but don't have time, I can just grab the dough (or the pre-formed cookies) out of the deep freeze and pop in the oven.

This list makes me want to get cooking!

Minimalist Mommy said...

What grocery store do you go to. We were there not too long ago and found the prices similar on most items. I guess you have to do quite a bit. Tip on cheese, freeze the shreded stuff with a bit of cornstarch in it, prevents it form sticking into a big clump.

Micah and Katie said...

Hey Nik,

We always shop at the IGA. Its the best for prices I find. Also my mom's bestest friend works there so she lets my mom know when there is a gets it and freezes it for when we come down. Its a great store and usually has great prices. I love there store wide 10 for $10 deal.

we should plan a trip sometime. The chicken is worth it! hehehe..

Audra Krell said...

Great blog! You got some great deals and your freezer sounds full. I haven't been very in to freezing in the past, but am starting to now. So I don't have any tips to offer, but thank you for yours and for the ones in the comments.

Kerr said...

A tip for block cheese and freezing: when you take it out, don't thaw it first, try grating it frozen, or maybe thaw slightly.

Many, many things I freeze process better if I thaw them slightly or not at all -- boneless/skinless chicken dices/slices much more easily when only given a minute or two (if that) in the microwave at full power, or left for 15-30 mins in the refrigerator. Tube sausage and ground meats slice into delightfully perfect rounds when thawed very slightly (I use the ends that aren't so perfect for sausage gravy or some crumbled-browned meat use).

I freeze bananas that are on their last legs, in their skins. When you need bananas for a smoothie or banana bread, peel off the outer skin, then run under water to thaw just the inner peel that was left behind, rub it off with your hands. Break into chunks and toss into the blender for smoothies, allow to thaw for bread.

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