Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Freezing garlic???

The little apartment size deep freeze that we have in the basement has been on of our biggest blessings. This little guy is packed to the gills with meats, breads, squash, berries, and at the moment Christmas baking. This summer after doing a shopping trip in the states I posted about freezing different foods asking you readers what kind of things you put in the freezer. This way I would have a massive list of foods that I could jam into my deep freeze.

Now for your help again. I just recently stumbled across a very large bag of garlic on the reduced rack at the grocery store. The garlic is in the bulb form and I was wondering if any of you have frozen this stuff before. I did do some research and some say you can just peel and freeze others say you should mince , puree and pack in oil. I am just wondering if you guys have any suggestions??


Mommy Bee said...

I've done peel and freeze...when it comes out it will get mushy as it thaws. I find that if I am chopping it and sticking it directly in a recipe then it is wouldn't be good raw though.


Geniève said...

I freeze my garlic as is and it works fine. It does turn out a bit mushy, but once cooked, it's fine.

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