Thursday, March 5, 2009

Scoops Ice Cream

Now I know that this post is not really applicable right now in this weather seeings how we still have a massive amount of snow outside but I can't wait to share what my creative (and handsome) husband did for me this week.

While I was out at a meeting, hubby was busy at home letting his creative juices flow. So when I arrived home later that evening this is what I walked through the door to find!

My handsome hubby behind a homemade ice cream stand that he called Scoops. The name comes from my favorite ice cream stand back home where I grew up. My friend Ashley and I would run about 3-5 times a week around the town then stop at Scoops to grab an ice cream and then walk back to her house! Sounds funny but the motivation of getting that ice cream after the run made it all worth it!

Sitting on the stove right before the stand was $1.50. I guess I was going to have to use that to buy my ice cream.

Unfortunately there was only one flavor at this ice cream stand, Vanilla. Just that morning I went grocery shopping and picked up 4 L of the stuff on sale so Micah had to be extra creative with all the toppings he had out. There was definitely so many to choose from and since I was a gals meeting I was pretty stuffed when I came home late to my ice cream stand so I asked for a baby cone and placed my money into the jar. Too bad I didn't have the 100 bones for the cone that ate Moncton! hehehe...

It felt like a real ice cream stand since Micah put our little tub into this "big" ice cream bucket.

He topped it off nicely with peanuts, chocolate chips, and of course cookie pieces.

What a fun and creative thing hubby did. We thought it will be a great thing to do with kids. What fun they would have ordering their ice cream and topping it up with lots of special toppings. *OH this is where my frugal friday post comes in* Since it cost an arm and a leg at an ice cream satnd these days you can set your own prices, use your own money and then get your own money back!!! Its a lot cheaper to make an ice cream stand out of things laying around the house then its is to go out and get a cool treat.

My husband is so creative and frugal!!!

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Laura-Lee said...

Creativity at its finest! Great job on making the ice cream stand, Micah.

Thanks for posting this frugal idea, and looking forward to what other things you have in store.

Blessings on your day.

Tim, Allyson, Emahry, and Jonathan said...

What a great idea. We've been making our own "Cold Stone" ice cream at home by mixing the ice cream with the add in inside of a chilled stainless steel bowl with a chilled stainless steel spoon. It's so much cheaper and we actually like it better tham the real thing. Now if we could only find a small slab of marble that would be even better. I'll have Tim check at the Habitat for Humanity store next time he goes.

Shiloh*~ said...
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Shiloh*~ said...

Hey guys!
Fancy fun for few ffffffffreezies (what's a word for money that starts with 'f'?)
I usually do the ice cream...or even less sugary treat, plain yogurt over frozen fruit with a little maple home when I want to avoid the high price of cool treats...however, I did go out for a medium raspberry/hot fudge milk shake last night after dance practice...YUUUUMMY!

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