Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wall Hangings

We moved into our house two years ago this Sept and it has been a work in progress getting things in order. When we moved in I was 6 months pregnant so the nursery was the biggest priory. It needed to be primed, painted and decorated for our little bundle of joy. So needless to say our room took the back seat. Although hubby did put up our favorite wedding photo in the room for me.

Since we don't have a head board I have been toying with different ideas as to what I would like to do to give our room some character. After much patience, lots of creativity and less then $10 I have finally finished 4 walling hangings that are now beautifully placed (thanks to my cute husband) over our bed.

I started out looking at canvas at the local dollar store but they were quite small and were not designed to hang up nicely. After Christmas the dollar store went through some changes and added new stock. So at an added cost I picked up these 4 canvases for $2 a piece, which is still way cheaper then at an art store. That same day I noticed in their scrap booking section this paper that has all the colors of our bed spread and get this the pack had 25 sheets of paper in it for a buck!!! I still can't believe how prefect it matches!!

After my big find last month these little puppies and the paper sat in my closet and were brought out every other day to be looked at to see if I could get a vision for what I wanted. I needed to add a little more creativity because the canvas was just a bit too big for the paper.

To fill the whole canvas I decided to go with the natural tare look. I tried to measure it out so I would have the same size white boarder. Once the paper was torn (and I did do one at a time) I used Mod Podge to stick the paper onto the canvas and sat it in the sun to dry.

Since these were going to be hung in our bed room I really wanted principles from 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 written on them. So using a friends Cricut and brown card stock I cut out these words.

Once the letters were cut out I Mod Podge on this beautiful ribbon and the letters over top of it. I finished the canvas off by placing strips of paper around all four sides and then to give it more depth I took a brown ink pad and dusted around the canvas.

They look so beautiful I can hardly believe I did them for under $10!!! Now I am off to pick up more of these to do some for our living room and I think they would make great gifts.

For more frugal ideas head on over to Life as a Mom who is now hosting frugal Fridays


Nancy said...

They look vary nice. Well done.


Katey said...

These came out lovely, thanks for sharing!

N and N said...

they look great Katie, you are so creative! The Cricut looks like a really neat machine.

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