Monday, March 30, 2009

Yummy Asparagus

I just love this time of year...and no its not because we still have 30+ cm of snow outside but during this time (end of March) is the time of year when Asparagus is in season. This will last for a couple of months now; meaning that usually its about $1.99/lb. We didn't grow up eating the stuff but once we were married I found a delicious recipe for creamy spaghetti and it called for asparagus. Since trying that recipe we have been hooked. But there are a few tips I have learned along the way. The first time we ate it the bottoms were like trees, literally. They were hard, woody and chewy. Little did we know this trick to get ride of the "woody" bottom.

First you hold the asparagus with two hands, one on each side. I know there is only one set of hands in this picture but I couldn't hold them both and still take the picture.

When both hands are on either side you bend the asparagus lightly and the lower more hard spot with break off from the upper more tender part. This makings the eating asparagus experience more delightful since you won't be chewing away for hours on the tough fibrous part.

Once all the ends are snapped there are many ways you can cook it. I like to steam it and serve with a creamy cheese sauce.

On a side note after this delicious meal I made one of our favorite desserts Hot fudge cake and we decided to let the little guy try a bit. After we were finished feeding him he decided he wasn't done and started licking out the bowl and he was too cute to stop.

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