Friday, February 19, 2010

Second hand shopping

So this week me and two friends had the great idea to pack up the van (3 adults and 5 children) and head to a local second hand shop that is about 25-30 minutes away. They only reason we decided to go to this Frenchy's was because they were having a special day where once you get to the register you get to pick a ball out of this box that has a discount on it from 25%-100% off your entire purchase.

So here we are in the van with all the kids I got stuck in the way back with two kids, the middle row had 3 kids and my lovely friends sat comfortably in the 2 front seats.

The kids were so well behaved there. Its a good thing they have a play place for them. I filled our stroller up with lots of things and prayed the entire time to get a big discount.

When it came our turn at the register I drew a ball with 50% off so I got this stuff below (~26 items)for $23

New toddler jacket
New toddler snow pants
toddler shirt
2 pair maternity pants
3 maternity shirts
14 baby onies/pjs and cute little brown girl hat....just in case.
3 books
1 movie

So days like these usually happen at our second hand stores about once every 3 months or so. They are great days to take advantage of. I mean I was able to get all this stuff for ~ $1.00/ item!!!

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