Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby blocks

It seems like this year is the year for babies!! So far at our church we are expecting in 2010 17 new babies!!! That means a lot of showers and lots of gift giving. So I have been getting creative with my gifts and have been having lots of making our gifts.

For my friend Nancy, who knew they were having a boy, I decided to make some baby blocks with the little guys name on them. I still have so many 2*2 cubes from when my husband made them for me for this Christmas project. Eben and I had so much fun doing this project together.

First we painted all the blocks baby blue, then when Eben went down for his nap I painted some wooden letters that I had purchased white with blue polka-dots and for the final step I glued the wooden letters onto the wooden blocks.

When the blocks where all dried I put them in order and wrapped them up in a piece of ribbon. My friend Nancy really enjoyed this present!!

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Stam House said...

LOVE it, what a great idea!!!!

Jerusha said...

How adorable is this! You should get Micah to sell those wooden blocks - I know that I would definitely buy them to use for crafting projects. Love these!!

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