Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sesame Street birthday party

My little man was born on Christmas morning and right from that day I knew that I wanted to make sure he still got a special day to celebrate his birthday on. So we decided that June 25th (which is exactly his half birthday) would be the best day to celebrate him on!

So welcome to Eben's 2 1/2 birthday party!!! * Sorry I don't have too many pictures at the moment. My lovely friend who took all the pictures went into labor and had a baby before she finished editing them; so as soon as I get them I will add them to the post. *

I spent the week before Eben's party cutting out all his favorite Sesame street characters using my Cricut machine and the Sesame street and friends cartridge. On the day of the party we placed our chalk board at the end of the drive way with balloons.

The party was an outside back yard party. We decorated with balloons, letters and numbers. You can't tell from this picture but the alphabet was hanging from the clothes line and the numbers 1-10 posted on the fence. Also the table was decorated with all the Sesame street characters you saw in the first picture. I simply used a nice yellow table cloth. Placed the characters on that and then covered them with a see through plastic covering so they wouldn't get damaged.

We had lots of snacks all with Sesame street names. We started off with Dorothy gold fish, big birds bird seed granola bars, cookie monsters oatmeal cookies, Telly's iced tea and Oscar the grouch sludgicles.

Here is Eben enjoying his Oscar sludgicle with his friend. This was such a great treat that the kids really enjoyed. They are really spinach Popsicle. I had to make a few batches before the party so I could get the color to stay green but here is my final recipe I came up with.

In a blender puree
2 cups spinach
2 squirts or more of lemon or lime juice
1/2 can or more pineapple in its juice
2-3 ripe bananas (this adds the flavor)

When finished place into molds and freeze. Just as a side note if you add other fruits such as berries they will turn brown. They are best if once you are finished pureeing all the stuff you can add some cut up strawberries, raspberries or blueberries to the mixture (do not stir too much) and then freeze. They will look great speckled all through the Popsicle.

For the cake I decided to do cup cakes so here are our Cookie monster, Big bird and Elmo cup cakes. I also made some mini cup cakes for the smaller kids and just wrote the letter E on them.

These cup cakes were fun to make! I used a basic vanilla cup cake recipe, color coordinating cup cake liners, butter cream frosting, marshmallows and Oreo cookies.

For the treat bags we sent everyone home with Sesame street coloring pages

rolled up with this little note.

Some crayons and of course a couple of suckers.


Micah and Katie said...

BBE, you are a Bday Rock Star!

Stam House said...

Wow great job Katie!!!!

Humblebee said...

Excellent job mommy!

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