Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blueberry popsicles

This summer we have been into making our own Popsicle's around here! It seems to be much cheaper and lot more healthier!! We started off by making green Popsicle for the little guys 2 1/2 Sesame street birthday party and now we have moved on to purple ones.

This recipe is so easy and can be done with any kind of fruit. We of course used blueberries.

1 1/2 cups blueberries (ours were frozen) or any kind of fruit
1 cup plain yogurt (we use bulkan style 6 % MF)
1-2 squirts of lemon juice
A little bit of water to get the blender moving
A little sugar for taste (optional)

Put all ingredients into the blender and blend until liquid. Pour into molds and freeze!

We really enjoyed this treat this afternoon!!! They are a very flavorful Popsicle...with way less sugar.


Stam House said...

Great recipe Katie, we do the green purple one over here! Blueberries, greens (spinach, kale, parsley dandelion green whatever we have on hand)water and 2 fresh date (for a sweeter taste) and voila green that looks purple and is very healthy :-)

Lara Mel said...

I went to the Dollarama where they had the popsicle molds to no avail. All gone! But I got the yogurt and some frozen fruit all ready to go once I get them molds. Thanks for the great idea! I might get some more nutrients into my fussy boy yet!

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