Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tips for the fast

Ok so this weekend starts our fast of no meat (along with lots of other junk food) for the rest of the month. So here are a few tips that will help us succeed.

First I just went through the flyers to see what fruits and vegetables are on sale for the week. Use that to put together a menu for the week. Without a menu its hard to be organized to know what to cook and will cause a lot of back slide. Go grocery shopping with a list of ingredients needed to make your meal plan.

Now when you get home from the grocery store its time to get to work. Because I stay home and have lots of time on my hands I buy large bags of vegetables and cut them into sticks myself. If you are working or too busy to do that then get snack size ones that are already cut up. Have these in the fridge ready to eat makes us want to eat them when we need a snack. Also have you ever found that you eat more vegetables then normal when you are out and there is a vegetable tray??? Thats cause we eat what we see so be sure to put out a large fruit bowl on the table and even in the afternoon make up a nice vegetable tray to leave on the table. You will be surprised how much gets eaten when left out like this....cause lets face it no one is sitting around thinking ~ wow I could really go for some cauliflower right now~ oh and one more thing because we are trying to cut out processed foods we will use either yogurt or hummus to dip our veggies into!

And the last thing we will do on Saturday night is box up all the junk food left in the house; pop, chips and chocolate and hide them in the basement until next month!!

Stay tuned for our first recipe coming this weekend. Its falalefs and homemade pita bread on Monday!

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