Thursday, January 19, 2012

Daniel fast Groceries week 2

So here we are week 2 of the Daniel fast.  Last week we did so great and are really enjoying eating more fruits, veggies and nuts.  So here are the groceries I picked up this week.  Remember that we are including grains and dairy in our Daniel fast which usually isn't allowed but since I am preggo I am trying to get all my vitamins from food! 

You may notice some food items in our grocery order that don't fit in the the box of Chicken nuggets.  Let me just say we won't be eating them this month but they were on sale for such a good price I couldn't pass them up so they are in the freezer.  Also there are some boxes of Kraft Diner.  I know its so bad but the kids really love it and eat it all up so I give it to them once a week.  

Since we try to stick to a tight budget and this month was a little different; moving into a new house and having to buy some stock up items I was trying to do the next 2 weeks on $70.  I am so pleased to tell you all these groceries this week were $45.  That means I still have $25 for next week.  I think I can do that since I have all that we need now and will only get some fresh produce.  I got all this for so cheap cause I used PC points.  I love that master card.  We collect points so fast and more points means more money off our grocery order.  

Once recipe I want to highlight this week is our homemade pita bread that we made.   First off I want so say how much I LOVE my kitchen aid mixer.  It did all the work for me and when it was done I just left it to raise well I was at moms space. 

 I punched it down and made 10 balls and let them raise for 20 minutes or so.

Then I rolled them out on a lightly floured surface and put them into the oven.  Some tricks for getting them to puff.  Always preheat the stone, keep the oven really hot, put a pan of water under the stone,  roll dough thin and use a spray bottle and spray the stone in between pitas.

There you have it and if you want the recipe go here

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Humble Bee said...

You did good kid! I will have to show you what I get sometimes for great prices. Thank you for adding some tips on the pita. Keeping a pan of water and spritzing seem like key points to successful pita. We love our Mediterranean Middle East meals and can't seem to nail the pita to perfection.

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