Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Daniel Fast: Getting the groceries

Yesterday was a big day in the Peterson house as we started our 21 day Daniel fast.   I had the no no food packed away, a meal plan made and a grocery list in hand as myself and the kids headed out to the grocery store.   We were able to gets LOTS of fruits and vegetables, along with some whole wheat bread, natural yogurt, lentils and few cans of beans. 

I think with all these grocery's we will be able to do LOTS of the meal ideas I have pinned on my Daniel fast board.   The great thing about meal planning is that you can look at all the different things you have planned and as long as you have the ingredients for it (because you made a grocery list and stuck to it) you can change your meal plan around according to what you are feeling that day.  

So last night we were suppose to have broccoli quiche well I changed my mind and we enjoyed a delicious red lentil soup.    Tonight is suppose to be Mexican Salad but I am going to whip up a veggie Spaghetti using some of these yummy veggies I got. 

So this grocery bill was $100 and I am going to see if I can do the rest of the fast for $70 because I think I only need to get little things here and there.  Lets see if I can budget and plan so I am able to do that.  

Something else we enjoyed yesterday was smoothies.  I had a mango cut up in the fridge from Christmas that didn't smell to bad so I throw it in the blender along with a banana, yogurt, apple juice, and frozen blueberries.  This was one of the BEST smoothies I have had.  It had such a delicious mango taste.  I guess I will have to let my mango's sit in the fridge more often to get that scrumptious taste. 

This morning for breakfast we enjoyed a new baked oatmeal recipe from this website.  She has a lot of great Daniel fast recipes as well.  We enjoyed the oatmeal even though it was different from what we are use to the kids really ate it up with blueberries and yogurt on theirs. 

One thing I am finding so helpful is that I have the lettuce all cut up in the fridge for salads so they are easier to grab.  It seems if we have things prepared we are more likely to eat it cause it doesn't feel like too much work.  We also have a large fruit bowl out on the table.  If we see it we are more likely to eat it.   And I bought some mixed nuts (the ones in the shells) yesterday as well since they are going on clearance now that the Christmas season is over.  This makes a great snack as well so we have those on the counter.   One thing we have done is switched to natural peanut butter so we have lots of celery sticks, carrot sticks and apples ready for the dipping!  If you find the peanut butter is a little too hard you can also heat it up a little bit in the microwave.  It helps make it a smooth and creamy dip that we really enjoy.  

Well I am off to cut up the veggies for my spaghetti tonight!  Let me know how your fast is working out. 


Mrs. Stam said...

looks like you;ll be making some yummy treats :-) Since Harry has been working in town and isn't here for dinner, I rarely cook meat anymore, and notice I have more energy :-)

Emily said...

Looks good Katie :)

We always buy natural peanut butter too, but I was always so annoyed by trying to get it stirred together. Then I saw a tip the other day to open it, dump the whole thing in a bowl and beat it with electric beaters until totally combined, then back into the jar and into the fridge. I haven't tried it yet but apparently it works like a charm!

Good luck on your Daniel fast. We're on a month long gluten-free diet around here, I'm trying to clear up my pesky eczema! Doesn't seem to be helping though so I think we'll have to try dairy free next. I'm not looking forward to it... this girl loves her cheese and yogurt!

Hallee the Homemaker said...

One of my favorite Daniel Fast smoothie recipe was this:

1 mango
1 banana
1/4 cup oatmeal
1 TBS ground flax seed
1 cup coconut milk

SO good - I had it at breakfast nearly every day during my most recent Daniel Fast.

Linda said...

Lots I'd like to say but my first question is the painting behind your family picture on the Jan 10 post,I think. It looks familiar.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Everything I have read says no animal products of any kind. I see yogurt in these recipes and eggs on the counter of your picture. Am I wrong? Thanks!strohi

Micah and Katie said...

Yes when you do a "real" Daniel fast you wouldn't add animal products. I believe I stated in the text that I was either pregnant or nursing so we decided to include those products in our fasting.

Partly Sunny said...

I saw eggs in your grocery picture. I was under the impression that eggs were not allowed on the Daniel Fast. I am browsing various websites and learning about it now. According to the website- fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and water only.

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