Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shutterfly photobook

My family photo book came last week in the mail and I am so happy with how it turned out.  I really love doing a year in review book for our family to look back through and see all the fun adventures we had that year.  This year I called our book the year of New Beginnings.   This book is an 8*8 21 page book that can hold a lot of pictures and is from Shutterfly

The cover is hard and I just love the picture on it.  It was taken at an amusement park by our friend (the glare on it is only from the sun).  Its a great picture of the fun to come. 

Here are some pages that are in the book.   I  took the book and did a month by month approcah highlighting some of the fun things we did. 

 The back also has pictures on it and says we look forward to 2012!!  I also love how you can put a title on the spine of the book that way when placed on a shelf we can tell which book is which.

I have used some other photo book companies and I have been impressed with them!  I do enjoy shutterfly for a few reasons.   One is the story board you can create.  So I can take all the pictures I want to use in my book and place them on a page in a story board layout.  Then when I am ready to work on each page the pictures are already there waiting for me to edit them, move them and add text to the page.  That way I am not digging through all the pictures trying to find which ones I wanted for that page. 

Some tips I have learned from making photo books is that in our iphoto (which is where all our photos go) we keep different albums.  One is always labeled Shutterfly year end review with the date.  That way when we have pictures we really like that we feel capture an adventure we put it into that album and at the end of the year we are ready to get started with our book.  If we keep up with the album shorting it makes it so easy to throw a book together FAST if photo books are being offered for free or at a discounted price!  

Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you have made any photo books or what your favorite companies are. 

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