Friday, February 24, 2012

Activity basket

So how do you get any work done with two little ones in the house?  My answer is our activity basket.  This basket is filled with so much fun stuff for the kids to do.  So while I am preparing supper Eben runs and gets the basket and brings it to the island where him and Jaelyn keep busy.  I really love having a kitchen with a island cause I am right there interacting with them.  

Our basket is filled with many different activities.  It has paper for cutting, coloring books, activity books, crayons, markers, and play dough.

Even though Jaelyn is little I really love the color wonder book for her.  Its a coloring book that comes with special markers that only show up on this book.  I like it for her cause the markers don't get on her clothing or the high chair where she colors. 

Eben gets the real deal a pencil box with all kinds of goodies. 

And here are some of the creations that Eben and Daddy have done together!

So do you have any tips for keep the kids busy while you get some work done??

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Mrs. Stam said...

we love activities basket here too :-)

I think part of getting things done is taking time to train our little one to be good little helper, yes it does take time, lots of energy and sometime feels like makes all things slower but it's so worth it.

Here are a few things we do here.

Meal prep: While I prepare meals, the girls set the table, I makes them practice counting at the same time (you know that you are a homeschooler when setting the table mean teaching basic math time lol) after they are done they have to sit on their chair and "sing" song to me, or tell me a story etc... just keeping then busy.

Cleaning: having each little girl with their own spray bottle and rags, work like magic here. they love to be part everything I do.

Picking up: less is more, we scale down all the toys, clothes and other things we have, why. Little people get distracted easily so if they have to pick tuns of stuff, it's overwhelming and nothing gets done fully!

these are just a few on our tips:-)

Thank for sharing yours with us all

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