Friday, February 10, 2012

decorative pom poms

I am so excited about tonight.  I am hosting my annual girls Valentines party!    Last year we had so much fun getting together, eating lots of yummy treats and playing some really fun games together.  This year we are in a new house with some new and old friends.  I have been busy this whole month creating and decorating our new house for LOVE month.  Its looking very festive in here and we are loving it.   This week while the kids were napping I made these decorative pom poms.  I made these before for Jaelyn's 1st birthday party and since they are very easy and frugal to make I knew I wanted them up around our house this month.  

First you start out with a pack of tissue paper.  I found it at the dollar store 20 pieces for $1.00.  Divid the pack in two (10 pieces :)) so you can get two pom poms out of one pack.   Starting at the short end begin to accordion fold.  Then fold in half to find the center.  At the center tie some foral wire around the middle.   Also I like to cut the ends into a semi circle shape as you can kind of tell from the picture. 

 Next begin to carefully pull apart the tissus paper like so.    When one side is completely pulled apart I like to tie the rope, string or ribbion that I am going to use around the middle then proceed to do the other side.

When finished you grab your string and pin up where ever you are going to put them. I put some up in our living room over our end table.   Also can you see I put up some more heart garland.

I had these ones up by the time Eben got up from his nap and he looked at me and said "mama that looks so pretty".  So I think I will keep them up until we re paint in the spring time. 

 And what kind of creative kitchen would I have if I didn't have it decorated as well!  Here are 3 more pom poms with heart garland and a sweet valentines printable.

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