Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Peterson LOVE day

Can you feel the LOVE???  

No really there was a whole lot of lovin going on from sun up till sun down.   This morning when I walked into Eben's room to say Happy LOVE day and tell him I loved him; he reminded me very quickly that his name was Sonic so I said I love you Sonic and he replied " I love you to Princess Peach".  

To celebrate love day as a family we decided to dress up and pretend like we were going to a nice restaurant; which Eben named Sonic Restaurant.  To set up for the restaurant we made a little sign that said Sonic Restaurant and a menu card that said:

Sonic Special

Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo


Kraft Dinner

served with love potion and a brownie on stick for dessert  


So before we set the table and daddy got home from work we put on our nicest clothes...  

and fanciest shoes.

Jaelyn is such a helper so she helped me set up the table all pretty.

Right now Eben is pretending that his new name is Sonic and has given us each a new name as well so we played along with him and I made place cards with each of our names.  

With the table all set we were ready to be seated and enjoy our meal. 

After supper we had a dessert buffet with the kids.  We had brownies on stick, chocolate dipped pretzels and of course grapes with some yummy dip. 

After the kids went to bed it was time to party!!!

So we curled up on the couch to watch the 3rd part of a marriage series we are doing called Real Marriage. We took a break in the middle and Micah made me a very delicious Strawberry hot chocolate 

They were as delicious as they look! 

Here is a little blogging note that no one tells you.  The dipped chocolate will melt when heated! 

We had a very great LOVE day and look forward to celebrating the whole month of February....I mean what else are we suppose to celebrate when its snowing and - 20 outside.   I hope all you readers had a great LOVE day as well.

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