Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Apple Nachos

This is a new favorite snack in our house and I just have to share with you.  I found the recipe on Pinterest (what would we do without it these days....be more creative! hehe).    So we decided to make them for a mornings snack.  

Eben is very helpful in the kitchen and I find that if he helps me prepare the snack or meal he usually eats more.  So he got to be the apple peeler.  I really lovet his apple peeler that I got for Christmas a couple of years ago.  And now that Eben is old enough he can help me out by doing this job. 

This little gem peels, cores and slices the apple all at the same time.  Once the apples were ready Eben loves to eat the spiral necklace that the skin makes. 

Here is some what of a recipe I used. 

Apple Nacho Recipe

1-2 Apples
Chocolate sauce
Melted peanut butter
Caramel sauce
Chocolate Chips
Skor pieces
Nuts (Almonds or Pecans)

Lay apples out on a plate, pour all sauces over apples and add toppings.

Now its time for the critics to test taste them. 

The verdit is plan to see in the next pictures!  They were a hit and gone before I could even blink.  The kids loved them and then that weekend I made some for some friends and we devoured them just as fast. 

What a great treat!  Why didn't I think of it my self. Like I said at the start....good thing for pinterest! 

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Mrs. Stam said...

This looks so yummy, I have to give it a try! Isn't pinterest so much fun!!!!

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