Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love fortune cookies

Here is a gift I did for my awesome husband.  It was good that he was out at a friends house watching the Super bowl game cause I sure did get a lot done and when he came home (I know its not "valentines" day) he had a box of goodies waiting for him that he can use all month long; since we celebrate LOVE month!

To start by making the fortune cookies you need to cut a circe.  I used a 2" circle punch to do this but you could trace them and cut them out if you didn't have a punch or use your Circut.  Next you fold the circle in half and place a glue dot in the center of your circle.   Then holding with your thumb and middle finger on either end apply some pressure and use your pointer finger to push in the center.

I made all the cookies first and then realized I didn't have anything written out for them; so this is a note for all you who will make these make sure you have the slips of paper written out and place them inside before you fold the paper into a fortune cookie. 

For my fortunes I used plain paper and hand wrote out little love things for my hubby.  I can't share what I wrote not because its inappropriate but because he hasn't opened them yet so I don't want to spoil his surprise but I will encourage you to be creative and give your husband little gifts that you know HE will enjoy. 

To make it look authentic I used this little valentines chinese take-out box to put them all in and wrote a love note for him!  I picked these take out boxes up at the dollar store 6 for $1.00.  

For more awesome ideas head on over to I heart nap time.  Also if you are looking for some last minute projects check out my LOVE board.  

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Mold-Breaking Mom said...

That's an AWESOME idea! And looks like something I'd be able to easily do! No sewing needed. hehe

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