Thursday, February 9, 2012

scrabble LOVE

One thing I love is pictures.  I told my husband you will just have to get use to me loving having our family pictures taken, having pictures up around our house, our computer hard drives filled with them and  even having some photo albums full as well.  Although with digital I have become more slack with that.  Anyways I just love pictures and I find they are a great way to decorate your house.  And girls lets face it who doesn't like going into someones house and looking at all the great family photos people have hanging up on their walls. 

Why not combined my love for photos with some scrabble words to go along with love month!   Its such a frugal way to decorate and its looks so won't have to tell anyone that you saw it somewhere else people will just think you are that smart. 

Using all 4 of the scrabble boards I used the words love you, valentine, be mine and xo! 

I am sure many of you readers who are on pinterest have seen this LOVE (using your engagement ring) photo before so I thought I would try one out.  

Let me know of some things you use around the house to decorate with.  


Humble Bee said...

The LOVE scrabble tile is my favorite!

Mold-Breaking Mom said...

Another great idea, Katie! Love it! You should see my "wall of fame" in my new place. Talk about tons of family pictures! And some date back to the 1800s! I too love pictures!

Lisa Grace said...

So cute! I've not seen the "LOVE" one before; what a great idea.

Melanie Petitpas said...

Oh!! :) Love this! :) and my hubby LOVES Scrabble - he'll get a kick out of seeing these around the house :)

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