Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine snow globe

This project was so much fun to do.....NOT!  Some times things look really great on pinterest and then when you try to do them they just don't turn out the same way.  Actually this one turned out nice and is still nice and clear and looks like a snow globe.  The ones the little girls made with a TON of glitter were all foggy and didn't turn out great at all.  So the trick to this was using the right kind of glitter.  You need a tinsel glitter and be careful not to use too much of it. 

So here is what you need.  Below are only a few of the items.
Baby jar
Paint and brushes
Styrofoam ball
glue gun
pipe cleaner
tinsel glitter

First paint the jar lid any color you would like.  And let dry completely that is also important cause the paint will just come off if its not dry when you are trying to get the lid back on.  Next make a heart with your pipe cleaner.  Cut the styrofoam balls in half and shape to fit inside of the lid.   This is also an important step cause if you don't the heart will not fit inside the jar (you might want to test it before you put the water in the jar) and the lid will not close properly which will equal a huge mess!!!    When the styrofoam ball fits properly you can stick the pipe cleaner through the styrofoam and hot glue it onto the lid.  Next fill your jar up with water adding 1 tsp of glycerin and 1 tsp of glitter.  Next put the lid on the jar and secure tightly and there you have it your pretty snow globe!  

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