Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentines necklace

Last week while hanging out with my nieces we decided to make some very pretty valentines necklaces. I had first seen the idea at eighteen 25 and knew that these two crafty gals would love to do a project like that.   

We started off by painting the different size beads.  Once they were dry my oldest niece decided she wanted to be a little more creative and add some designs to her beads so she did some poka dots, hearts and lines on her beads. 

After they dried we strung the beads onto pretty ribbion and ta-da craft complete and you got yourself an awesome valentines accessory. 

Here is a picture of Emma's which is so sweet with all the different designs.  So get out some paint and get creative cause this valentines day we will be wearing our own accessories!

For more ideas check out my LOVE board


Shiloh*~ said...

Loverly! Beautiful work girls!

Deja Peterson said...

Wow!... those are some cuuuute little girls! :0)

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