Friday, June 29, 2012

Raspberry Quesadilla


Its Canada Day weekend here and what better way to start off the long weekend then with some delicious breakfast!!!  I first spotted this recipe on pinterest and knew when raspberries went on sale that I wanted to try it out.  They were quick and easy to whip together.  We had some left over cream cheese frosting in the fridge so we used that for dipping which made this breakfast even more yummy!!!


2 tortillas
Monetary Jack Cheese

Lay tortilla on hot griddle and top with berries, cheese and other tortilla.  Cook until cheese is melty and flip.

A little note is that they are a little runny if you let them over cook and if you try to flatten them so just let the cheese melt so the shells stick together them self.

Happy Canada day weekend!!!

1 comment:

Humble Bee said...

Looks good cous! Are you by any chance going to post your meal plan for the month of July?

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