Monday, June 25, 2012

Monster Party


 Welcome to our Monster Bash!!!  Because my son was born on Christmas day we decided from an early age to celebrate his 1/2 birthday.  That means that on June 25th we take that day to celebrate him with his friends.  So far we have had a Sesame street party, last year was a Super Reader party and this year we celebrated with little monsters.  Because a new little buddle of joy has arrived in our home (just two short weeks ago)  I kept it simple this year.   

The party idea came when I found these (the monster set is on the bottom) at the dollar store at the beginning of the month for only $2.  The box came with 24 cupcake toppers and more then 24 wrappers for the cupcakes.  

On the weekend when I had hubby home I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes.  I used a recipe from Micah's aunt Joan that is our favorite chocolate cake recipes.  For the icing I cheated and bought it from a bakery.   All I had to do was add the coloring I wanted it to be.   Lady J and I frosted them the morning of the party.  I can't believe for being almost 2 how much of a great helper she is.  Never once did she try to lick any of the frosting :)  

It was an OK type of day here weather wise so we set up outside.  I don't know how I didn't get a picture of the whole table but I didn't so you have to see it in little bits and pieces.  I bought a plastic table cloth from the dollar store and some Monster stickers.  I let Eben help me decorate the table by putting the stickers on.  As you can see they only made it in one spot.  

It is a very windy day here so I am glad I had these little rock monsters for decorations as well.  I was going to place them around the deck but instead they made great weights for the table cloth. 

Some other snacks we enjoyed included these ruby red one eyed monsters.  Which are just raspberries with a chocolate chip stuffed in the center.  And behind where suppose to be little monsters as well but I should have gotten mini M & M's instead of the big ones.  They are simple mini pita with Nutella and M&M's as the eyes.  I did one plate of Nutella and one plate with peanut butter. 

We also had a Monster Mash trail mix.  To make the dish I simply used sticky tack to put on goggly eyes...pretty simple eh?    Then to serve it to kids we used silicon muffin cups.  

I like to have at least one game for the the party.  It was called feed the monster.  What the kids had to do was see who could get the most balls into the monsters mouth.  Each kid was given 3 balls to try.  

Since we had to hold the box, because my tying to the monkey bars didn't really work the way I had thought, they were to lose a point if they hit the holder.  This discouraged older boys from whipping them too hard.

Everyone did a great job and I think that they all got at least one ball into the box.  I wish I had more pictures but its really hard when you are the host, mama and photographer.  I think next year I will just give my camera to someone! 


Heather said...

That was a really cute party!

MaryAnne K said...

I love this party - and what a fantastic dollar store find! The monster rock pets are especially cute. I pinned it to my Kids' party ideas board :)

Angela said...

My son was an almost-Christmas baby which makes celebrating awkward, but his half birthday is his brother's birthday!

Love the monster party, especially the rock pets.

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