Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oreo Popsicles


The first day of summer was celebrated here with this delicious treat!!  Since I have been working on my summer time fun board for a couple of months I knew when I saw this recipe that it would be a hit in the house.  

The night before I got my little helpers together and we all worked on this recipe as a family!

First Eben used his strong muscles to crush up the oreo's 

Then we put all the ingredients together in the bowl.  Daddy stepped in to teach Eben a few kitchen tricks. This is what Micah called the swirl and tap. 

First you swirl the spatula around the edge of the measuring cup

And then you tap the spatula on the bowl to get all of it off.   I had so much fun watching them work together.  As you can see from the pictures Jaelyn was in her own little world and I am not sure what she was doing. 

 Once everything was mixed together in the bowl; Eben put out the 12 dixi cups.  When I use Dixi cups I like to put them into a muffin tray so then I can get them all in the freezer at once.  It doesn't take up too much space in there and its easy to get the popsicle sticks into the cups after they have had some time to freeze.

I poured the mixture into the cups, we let it freeze for about 1 hour and then I put the sticks into the cups and let them be over night. 

After eating a delicious summer supper we got to enjoy our treats!  And let me tell you we ENJOYED them.  They are so tasty!!!  I am going to price them out to see how much I made each one for and since I bought all the ingredients I have enough to make at least 1 more batch so I will be sure to update the post when I get it figured out. 

Lady J sure had fun eating hers.  As you can see they are a little messy so be prepared for that if you have young ones eating them. 

For more fun ideas check out I heart naptime!!!

I Heart Nap Time


Mold-Breaking Mom said...

I'm making these tonight!

Mrs. Stam said...

Yummmm now i have a new craving :)

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