Tuesday, August 28, 2012

camping Kabobs

When putting together our camping menu we came across a lot of different recipes and great ideas for meals.  One web site that was very useful was Echoes of Laughter .  She list lots of different meal ideas along with recipes and even list on what you need.  I am learning more and more that I love list.

Chicks on sticks is one meal that she has for her camping menu.  These looked so good we decided to make them here at the house to see if they were really tasty.  And of course they were so delicious.  I really love making kabobs in the summer time they are a great way to portion your meat.  And for any of you trying to stick to a grocery budget you know that meat is usually the most expensive part of your meal.

We knew a kabob meal would be easy and go a long way so Alex brought the meat in a freezer bag (Frozen) already in the marinate.  She didn't end up using the chick on  sticks marinated but this one instead.   So the morning we were going to enjoy these for supper we took the chicken out of the cooler while we were swimming so it would be thawed for supper time.  When we were ready for meal prep we cut up the fresh veggies (zucchini, peppers, onions) and started putting the kabobs together.

We grilled the kabobs on a little camping bbq that isn't in the best shape.  Good thing I had packed these little aluminum pans for Micah to use while grilling so they wouldn't go up in smoke. 

They turned out prefect!  The chicken was very flavorful and of course our plates looked so appetizing with rice and a lime!  

The kids really loved them to!  

So what are some of your camping favorites I would love to add them to my lets go camping board!

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