Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Frozen fun

It has been hot hot hot around here so I decided to create some frozen fun for the kids to enjoy.  The hours just after nap time and before supper seem to be the hardest around here as I am trying to get last minute supper prep done, nurse a baby on demand and handle hot children who are ready for daddy to come home.   This little activity made that time fly by as the kids spent hours trying to dig these dinos out of the ice age.  

These takes a little time to do because I wanted the dinos to freeze at different levels in the ice so putting them all in with water I knew they would sink to the bottom (just like these two) and how much fun would that be?  

So I put a couple of dinos into a yogurt container and then added water.  After a couple of hours I placed in a few more that I wanted to be standing up so I only put a small drop of water and once they were frozen I added more water.

Once the ice block was frozen I just ran the yogurt container under warm water and it came right out.  I placed the ice into a pan and let Eben go at it with some rocks.  

Layer by layer he got the dinos out and it was awesome to see him start playing with them and creating a story as he was doing it.  Him and Lady J were out there for almost 2 hours playing, laughing and having fun together! 

You probably have already guested that lots of little toys are missing around the house and are frozen in different containers for those hot afternoons where the kids can go out and use their creativity on how to get them out of the ice blocks. 

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Jamie Erickson said...

I am one of the hosts of the Weekly Kid's Co-op. I have picked this post as one of my top picks of the week and will be sharing it on my blog tomorrow. Thanks for linking up!

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