Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Camping part 2

Its hard to believe its now the last week of summer and the kids will be going to school next week! We are so blessed to of had such a hot summer.  We were able to enjoy picnics, swimming, camping and hiking.  Here are some pictures from our adventures at Fundy National Park

There are lots of great hiking trails there so we started the morning off with a great hike.  While we were getting packed up to go Josh (Micah's brother) was busy getting some dough together to rise while we were gone. 

This is Josh's hand built camping box!  It so great for storing all the camping dishes.  Plus the height is prefect as a working surface. 

When we came back from the hike it was lunch time so the dough got rolled out

And baked over the fire!  Nothing like fresh warm pita bread for lunch. 

Another camping favorite that we have been doing the past couple of years is corn fritters.  My mother in law mixes the dry ingredients before going and just adds the wet.  They are easy to fry up and everyone enjoys them dipped in maple syrup. 

Its sad to see summer come to an end but we had so much fun!!  Now bring on fall. 

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