Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sundaes in a jar

When I first saw this idea on pinterest I knew I wanted to add it to my 50 days of summer fun.   I have really loved having the fun list because it has helped me watch for sale items to buy.  Like when ice cream went on sale for really cheap I was able to pick it up for these treats and the homemade drum sticks.   They were really easy to put together and you can add whatever you want to them to make it your own!  

At first I thought I would do these up with the kids letting them put in their own toppings but then I had a much better idea!  I would make them up for me and hubby to enjoy on a date night.  Date night is something that is really special to us.  We enjoying setting aside one night week to be together.  Usually we stay in and enjoy a special treat while watching a video/sermon (this is the series we are doing now) or playing video games or board games. 

Ok back to the jars! hehe.  

They are simple to make I put a layer of ice cream on the bottom and then added chocolate sauce, peanuts, skor pieces, ice cream, sauce, peanuts and more skor ending with ice cream.  I placed a muffin cup liner over the top (just to make it look fun) and added the top and let freeze.  

When it was time for date night I added some M&M's and ta-da a delicious sundae to enjoy. 

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