Saturday, September 1, 2012


This summer we have had such awesome weather!  And knowing that there will be 6 months of winter we have been enjoying every moment of our summer outside.   

We have been blessed this summer to have lots of friends and family come our way for visits.  During those time we have made our way to New River Beach and Fundy.  

While my brother in law and his wife were home we made a day trip down to New River.  After spending the afternoon hanging out on the beach it was time to eat!  Eating is one thing that we do really well.  There is always GREAT food at our family outings and this one was no exception.  

First I should have stated my brother in law was home from Quebec so with their visit comes lots of delicious cheese.  

This was the center of our meal along with fresh baguette. 

This cheese was the favorite.

Also with the picnic came fresh veggies from the garden.  These came from our friend Marie-Helene's garden.  She also has a blog that which you can read.

And last is this delicious rice salad made with lots of fresh produce from the garden.  So as you can see our picnics are fancy.  Complete with tables clothes and all.  

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