Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bible memory verses


I love love love these bible verse cards.  Since we just started Kindergarden they are working great since we are doing a new letter each week.  

I originally found these on pinterest and you can hop over here to download your own copy.  Once I had them all printed off in color I really want to laminate them to keep them protected but I don't have a laminator. Maybe that will be something I need to invest in but I was so happy to find these on one of my shopping trips to the local Dollarama. 

They are self laminating sheets!!!  I was super excited cause they were just the size I needed.    They were super easy to use you insert the paper, close it shut and squeeze all the air pockets out. 

So now we have all the cards laminated and each week we read over the verse and make up some actions to go with them. 

 The kids are very good at remembering the verses.  On Friday I ask them to recite the ones that we have done and for each one they get right they are rewarded a chocolate chip.  

Thank you Homeschool Creations for an awesome tool to help us hide God's word into our heart!!! 

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