Thursday, October 4, 2012

school games

Don't you just LOVE thrift shopping and finding deals that you don't even think about!!  That is what happened my last trip to Value Village before school started.  I had taken my niece there to get some new (to her) school clothes and happen to find some great steals for homeschooling.  I picked up (along with many other things) these 3 fun games that Eben LOVES playing. 

The Leap Frog go fish game was $2.99 and had all the pieces for it in the box.  I love how it comes with the round circles that you use to hold your cards with.  These 4 things were worth the $2.99 so he can hold cards better in his hand. 

Pony Phonics can be played two different ways.  The way that we have been playing is learning the short sounds of the vowels   First you start by spinning the spinner and then you move through the game by moving your pony onto words that have the same sound. 

 Alphabet Bingo also has two ways to play.  The way we have been playing is spinning the spinner and whatever letter you land on you have to cover up that letter on your Bingo card if you have it.  The first one to get 3 in a row wins.

The other way to play this game is using the other side of the card there are pictures and you have to fill in the words by using the letters that come up on the spinner.  Its fun to play to but I have to have the words spelt out for Eben so he remembers how to spell them.  I know a couple more times of playing and he will be able to do it himself. 

I love using games to teach him since he really loves to play games.  Sometimes we play for fun but other times I use them as rewards if he finishes up his writing work. 

These games were worth the $5 I paid for them.  

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