Tuesday, October 23, 2012

feed me sight words


I am finding that playing games is such a great way to teach and learn!!!  We are having so much fun "doing" school this year.  There are so many resources and ideas on line its hard not to have fun during school time.  This is one activity that both kids love playing.  We call it feed the critter!  

I used this one eyed monster from Eben's monster bash this summer.  I decided not to throw it out after seeing this pin on pinterest cause I knew I could use it for something just like this post. 

For this game I use these little ice cream scoops that I printed off from this site.  We usually start off by putting all the scoops in alphabetical order to make it easier to find them when he is given a word to spell.  Once the letters are in order I say one of his spelling words for that week.  He then lays it out in front of our critter.  Then he says the words, spells the word and says it again before tossing the scoops into the critter. 

I find playing little games like this throughout the week really help with remembering how to spell and sound out the words.

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