Wednesday, October 31, 2012

November Meal Plan

Ok so I must admit I love the monthly meal plans!!!  Its a bit of work at first but it was so awesome to not have to think too hard about meals this past month.  I simply bought ingredients as they were on sale for the meals I had planned and made them as I craved them.  I know what some of you are thinking...well what if I don't feel like Taco's on Taco night; so don't have tacos. The point of the month of meals is that you have ingredients on hand to make most of your meals so switch it up that is what I did with some of the meals this past month.


Here is my Oct meal plan.  I tried to fix it up so you could make some things out but the circles are the meals that I am transferring to next month cause I never got to make them.  We either ate leftovers or were invited out.  The arrows show some meals that I moved probably because I didn't feel like eating it that night or I just moved things around.  I love having a few meals to help fill in Novembers meal plan.

But before I share with you Novembers plan I want to share the answer you have all been waiting for.  How much did this month worth of meals cost me.  Lets not forget that I usually always have a well stocked pantry but our total expenses for these meals, plus snacks (cookies, granola bars,whoopie pies), and a batch of red pepper jelly cost me a grand total $308.36.  Thats right I am so happy with the total.  I also wanted to show you the break down of one of our meals.

Take our Chinese Buffet night (which was a HUGE hit )

In our buffet we had 

Rice ($ 0.86)
Egg Rolls ($2.50)
Veggies ($1.99)

The total of our buffet was $10.85.  And since 4 of us ate that is $2.71/person.  Can you believe you can make a meal like this at home for that cheap.  I am telling you when you take time and plan your meals and you use the portions according to Canada's food guide you can feed your family affordably.  The reason the chicken was so cheap to make was I bought a large pack of it on sale for $7.50.  I split it into two different freezer packs to enjoy at 2 different meals so that made the cost of just the chicken $3.75 which is less then $1.00/person at meal time.   The egg rolls were also purchased on sale 14 for $4.99.  I divided them into 2 different bags of 7 to enjoy at 2 meals.  The bag of veggies was the whole bag (since we LOVE veggies) of Asian Style veggies.   This meal was the favorite for the month.  For the first time Eben asked for MORE....I could hardly believe my ears when he asked for seconds and then 3rds.  

If you enjoyed the Oct meal plan please comment and let me know which meal (or meals) you made and enjoyed or didn't enjoy. 

Here we go onto November

1.  Chicken Dinner (my kids love this recipe)

2.  Taco Cups

3. Women's Night Out at Church!
5. Stromboli 

6.  Pork Fajitas
7.  Sweet and sour sausages with mashed potatoes

9.  PRC Movie night (left overs)
10.  Baked Beans and Mac & Cheese
11. Cheesy bread sticks
12.  Roast Beef Supper
13. Free Night
14.  Beef and Barley Soup
16.  Homeschool Trip 


20. Free Night
21. Pancakes and Bacon
22.  Spaghetti
23.  Pizza
25. Free Night
26. Roasted Chicken Dinner
27. Family supper
29.  French Toast  
30. Free Night

This month I left some Free nights because last month we had leftovers and a few meals we didn't end up making.  

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