Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Meal Plan

So this month I am trying to meal plan for the whole month!  I know it sounds so crazy but I want to make a list of meals to enjoy and then watch for sales so I can get the best deals and see how much it actually cost us to eat for this month.

So here is my list of meals for the month.  Of course not all meals will be made cause something always comes up or there is leftovers but at least I can have the supplies on hand just incase.

1. Spaghetti, Meat balls and Cheese buns
2. BBQ chicken pizza and salad
3. Slow cooker beef stew and cheese biscuits

4. Wok in the pork and egg rolls

5. Macaroni, hamburger and tomato
6. Baby Shower
7. Thanksgiving meal.  Turkey with all the fixings
8. Thanksgiving meal #2.
9. Hot Turkey and Fries
10. Baked potato soup with crusty bread

11. Turkey Enchiladas over rice
12. Pierogi casserole

13. Turkey soup and homemade buns

14. Pizza muffins

15. Pork chops with mashed potatoes
16. Crock pot lasagna and garlic bread
17.  Stromboli

18. Chicken lo-mein and egg rolls

19.  Taco Cups

20.  Spring Rolls

21. Corn dog Muffins

22.  Pork meatballs and mashed

26. Chowder, sausage and biscuits

27. Party

30. Tostada:  Here is a chicken recipe.  I will do bean. 
31. Take out; Pizza

There you have it my meal plan for the whole month.  I am hoping to stick to it as best as possible. You will probably notice that on Sunday we don't usually have a big meal and enjoy appetizer type foods to enjoy while watching a family movie together.  I also try to have a soup once a week in the fall/winter time.   I hope you enjoy and get a few new ideas for your own meal plan this month.

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Niki said...

Kate - Matt and I (more Matt than I perhaps) made these for supper last night! They were great. I appreciate that you most likely picked them because they are kid-friendly, but they are adult-friendly too. Matt and I loved them. I have them for lunch today too. They don’t rise a ton (as expected) and seem alarmingly greasy when you look through the little window on the oven (with all that cheese and pepperoni though I think it is to be expected), but they were so yummy! Thanks for the idea. We are going to make the Potato Soup tonight I think. Love your blog!

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