Monday, October 15, 2012

School Wall

Welcome to our school wall!!!  So when I decided to homeschool I was looking on pinterest (bad idea) for homeschooling in a small space.  Instead of finding good ideas for that I found pin after pin of homeschool ROOMS!!  Since we don't have any extra rooms I decided to make a school wall.

So my next trip to the Dollar store I picked up these clip boards.  Then during a nap/quiet time I painted them. 

While they were drying I really wanted to have a banner to go along the wall cause like I read tonight a banner is happiness on string! hehe  I had a bunch of flash cards that I picked up at a local second hand shop but they needed something to go behind them.

What was I going to use???  Of course coffee fliters were the prefect size...but I didn't want white ones so I dipped them each into a bowl of water that I had put a bit of blue food coloring in.

To dry them I put them into a muffin tin and set them in the sun.

That night the kids and their amazing daddy helped me out by hanging up the clip boards.

I love how Micah hung them on a little bit of a slant.  Also before we put them on the wall we used scrapbooking stickers and put A B C on the metal part. 

When the coffee fliters were dry I folded down the top of each one and glued the flash card onto it.  I used the fold over to place on the string.  And hung it over the clip boards.

 Now that school is in full swing the clip boards hold lots of different things.  One holds his first spelling test.  Another holds character cards that we do and the last one has a worksheet that he did from each day that he is super proud of to show daddy when he gets home.

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Mrs. Stam said...

Great idea, can't wait to have school wall to decorate of our own :-)

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