Friday, March 1, 2013

DIY Seuss photo booth

Horton hears a Who and Thing 1


I had so much fun making these photo booth props for our Dr. Seuss week at school.  To start off I did a search on pinterest looking for ideas.  I really love this of the this idea of the gals reading and you can image my excitment when I realized I have all the props for it!!  Another blog I found was this one which gave me the idea to make the thing hair and the Lorax mustache.  

To make the hair I had this color blue in card stock so I free hand the hair using as much of the paper as I could.  Once it was outlined in pencil I used a black sharpie and then cut out my design.   I had attached a stick to it to use but my son really loved it and wanted to wear it and asked if I could make it into a hat so he could play with it on.  

So I took the stick off and found an old handband that I don't use any more and super glued it onto the hair.  That way he can wear it while playing around the house. 

One thing about being a scrapbooker is I always have coloured card stock lin the craft room.  I found a color that would work for the Lorax and free hand the mustache outlined it in black sharpie and cut it out.  I glued the sticks onto these. 

I saw the idea for these ears here and used this as a guide to free hand it onto gray card stock.  Outline in black sharpie and cut out.  I didn't want the kids to have to hold the ears up so I decided to use a head band and glue the ears on. This took a little bit of trying because I wanted the ears cover the kids ears so you have to glue them down on the headband and at a angle. 

All ready for the photobooth along with books, frame, chalk boards, nerd glasses, truffula trees and thing 1, 2, 3 shirts and cat and the hat shirts my friends made!!!  

For the back drop I decided to use streamers.  I took some jewlery string and hung it up on the wall.  Then I cut streamers the length I needed.  I randomly put the streamers onto the string using photo tape which is a strong double sided tape.  I put the tape at the end of the streamer and carefully folded it over the string.  To add a pop of color I used 2 pink, 2 red and 1 white in the center.  When my husband saw it it said it could be the "cool of the pool" from horton hears a who. 

Over top of the "pool" my husband drew this fish which is the glad fish from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.  He looks cute jumping out of the "pool"

Here are some photos we did just playing around!

For lots of more crafty inspiration check out iheartanp time.

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Mama S said...

Job well done, the girls saw the picture and knew immanently that is was Seus :-)

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