Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to School

This week we started our first week as a 1st grader!!!  And you will never guess what happened the night before school...yup Eben lost his first tooth.  He was sooooo excited to lose his tooth right before school started. 

The week before school started we had a count down to grade 1 written on their bathroom mirror.  Each night Eben crossed off how many more days before school started.  He was excited to find a new message on Tuesday morning that said Welcome to Grade 1.

We started our morning off with of course the first day of school photo shoot using these cute printables from I heart nap time. 

I had some fun activities planned for the 1st day that I found on pinterest.   So we spent most of the morning doing some back to school activities.  Eben loved doing this back to school word search.  He also filled out an all about EBEN sheet; which I will keep in this school portfolio.  

Another little game we played was this back to school word scramble. I cut all the letters out and Eben rearranged them finding 2,3,4 and 5+ letter words.  He did so well at it I think he is ready to play boggle.

Then we got to the work that we are going to be doing.  One thing that we need to work on his hand writing.  So last year at our annual homeschool conference I pick up this hand writing without tears book.  Eben is doing good at it so far.

Another thing I did before school started was create a month of supper meals and a month of lunch meals.  That way I could just look in the morning at our menu; take out what I need to for supper and prepare anything I need to for lunch time.  The first day I had muffins planned for lunch so during our "recess" time I mixed the muffins together and had them baking during our second part of school.  I am so happy I spent some time to do these two menus it has saved so much time this week knowing what I am doing :)  Today I am stepping outside the menu a bit since we had breadstick last night for supper and have a few left over I will serve them today for lunch with pizza sauce instead of the homemade lunchables that were even with a plan you can be spontaneous. 

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