Monday, September 16, 2013

Cereal Squares

This recipe was a very impromptu  creation after receiving a box of peanut butter cheerios from a friend.   The cereal was loosing its crispness so I decided to toast it in the oven.  This little trick has saved us from throwing out cereal so many times.  

After it was toasted I decided to use up some open bags of marshmallows, that were left over from our summer adventures, and make some cereal squares with them. 

I followed the basic rice crispy recipe by melting a little bit of butter in a pot along with the marshmallows.   When the mixture was nice and gooey I added in the cereal.  

Because I wasn't making a large batch I decide to put it into a pie plate.  

Once the squares had set I just took the parchment paper out of the dish and cut up the squares like a pie. 

The kids loved these little treats!  

So next time you have some "going" stale cereal be sure to toast it up and make something yummy from it. 

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