Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rock pets

Hey welcome to Pin it Thursday.  Sorry I have been off the blogging wagon but my camera died and I have been a little sad but my husband told me how we could fix this so until we get a new one you are stuck with Instagram and phone photos. 

Here is one activity I saw on Pinterest a long time ago and thought it would be a fun craft to do with the kids.  They are rock monsters that we are going to put into our flower garden for decorations. 

Eben is old enough to use real paint but I was worried about Jaelyn cause she still puts everything into her month.  So I mixed up a batch of vanilla pudding paint for her.  Because I want her to learn NOT to put the stuff in her month I still told her not to do it when she was trying to eat the "paint".   But because it was just pudding I didn't I have to be too concerned. 

As Jaelyn got painting I did realize a few things.  Like I should have striped her down to her diaper before we started.  By the end of our painting fun she was so covered in all the paint that it was hard to get her undressed and into a bath. 

 I took 2 days to do this craft with the kids since I wanted the paint to dry.  So the first day we picked out the colors and painted the rocks.  Then yesterday we glued on the eyes and drew on their mouths.

I think they turned out so cute.  I hope we get some good weather this weekend to finish up our flower gardens and put these little guys in their new home. 

So tell me what are you pinning on Pinterest?? 

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Charlene said...

Kate: Could I just be first to confirm and affirm the "awesomeness" of your motherhood? What a joyful way you weave through this calling.

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