Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines Party

As you all know by now I love LOVE and I have been having so much fun celebrating this month.  One thing I love to do each year is invite friends and family over to celebrate with me at a Love party.  You can see last years party here.  All the guest were required to do was bring a snack that was red, pink, white or brown!  Each lady did an awesome job of making something so creative.  

My house has had love decorations all over it since the first of the month and will probably stay this way until I change to spring theme or we repaint the house! heheh.  The table has a heart shaped basket on it with some card games to play. 

The microwave also got a makeover with a red tissue pom pom but instead of making it fluffy in a ball shape you make them so they sit like flowers.  I love them.  Along with the flower pom pom is the box of love fortune cookies I made for hubby and a heart shaped jar filled with red, pink and white gum balls. 

I love scrap booking so of course I like making cute things so each cup had a special valentines saying on it! 

The cups where then placed in this cute tin by the pink drinks.  We also had some rootebeer and sprite to go with the theme as well. 

One thing I always like to do at the party is make sure I have a dish of love coupons for the ladies to take home with them.  They can either give them to their husbands as a special treat for him to enjoy or they can give it to him as a special treat that they want to receive.  The ladies sure had fun going through them to be sure they got a good one to take home with them. 

So now let me share with you the awesome treats that everyone brought!  From the picture just above you can see the delicious red velvet heart shaped whoopie pies.   And a tiny little bit of the chocolate brownies. 

Now on the cake stand were individual cheese cakes with raspberries on the top!  Oh and did I forget to tell you there was an oreo on the bottom for the crust.

This very delicious and colorful nacho dip was a hit.   And what would a girl party be without a tray of fruit and special pink dip to go with it. 

Pink cupcakes with sprinkles were a hit and we enjoyed eating them all weekend as well.

Even though we were all girls what would a party be without bacon!!!  These bacon shaped hearts were a BIG hit that everyone enjoyed. 

The chocolate pretzels were on the coffee table in the living room...I love sweet and salty snacks.   There you have it the party treats!  I am so bummed I forgot to get a group picture of every one together. I guess it will have to wait until next year.  

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