Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pinterest Thursday

Hello Readers!!!

   So today I want to share with you what I will have on the blog each Thursday.  I have decided that Thursday I want to hear from my readers, so its your turn to shine.   I want to do this by seeing what you guys are pinning and doing.

A lot of times we just pin, pin, pin but I want to know what you guys are pinning and making.  Now you can either share a positive experiences like the recipe turned out awesome or look at my totally cool sewing project I did.  Or you can share the bloopers.  I know for me I have some things I have pinned not turn out the way I thought which is a huge bummer but I want to be able to share those with you guys as well.

Please share what you are pinning by heading over to my facebook page and share there or just leave a comment on this post for all to see.

Here is a success

Apple Nachos which the kids (and us)  LOVED

And a not so good

These no bake granola bars were not a hit with the kids.  The looked so good but my kids and my niece and nephew just didn't like the texture

So lets hear you readers what are you pinning???

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